Islamic Pocket Guide Gratis untuk blackberry

Islamic Pocket Guide Gratis untuk blackberry

Now has come the IPG Applications - Islamic Pocket Guide to Android users.
Islamic application that has been successfully downloaded by millions of BlackBerry users and has won international awards, presenting articles and features attractive and sophisticated, such as the Prayer Reminders 5 Schedule and Time, Schedule person travels, Qibla Locator, Complete Athan Sound, Sound Acapella Sahur and complete with IPG Community packaged exclusively and elegant.
Islamic Pocket Guide to Smartphone can be downloaded at
  • Indonesian-language applications
  • The designs are exclusive and elegant
  • Very easy to use
  • Maghrib Adhan voice and Subuh Azan complete
  • Sahur sound Acapella
  • Voice Guide as a reminder to pray
  • Determinants The direction and rapid detection and accurate location by GPS and LBS technology
  • Islamic writings shared with other users in the Community IPG
  • Flashlight serves to activate your flashlight.
  • Small size, saving memory, and battery saving
  • Schedule settings that can be corrected manually according to your location
  • Countdown timer for each schedule Prayer
  • Alert notifications using Ribbon, Icon, Sound Adhan, shakes and Voice Feature Guide
  • Access and fast data loading
  • Sharing information regarding this application directly via eMail, Facebook, and Twitter

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aplikasi pengingat waktu sholat gratis full version, Offering a prayer five times a day is one of the basic fundamentals/pillars of Islam. Do you often find yourself indulge in other activities and miss the Salat/Prayer/Namaz /Solat/Salatuk timing. This Prayer Time application solves your this problem by providing you a Universal Namaz Alarm gadget, which notify user about the Azan/Salat time of local area.An easy to use and simple prayer timing app that reminds you five times a day at the exact prayer time by prayer alarms.***** Features *****• Both the automatic and manual selection of the location for receiving prayer timings.• Location selection via GPS• Alarm setting for upcoming prayers (including option of vibrating on alarm)• Manual adjustment of Hijri calendar• Adjustment of Sehar and Iftar timings• Localize prayer timings• Share prayer timings on Social media apps by simply taking screenshotsThe app provides access to Hijri calendar and correspondingly Gregorian days. The app displays entire month calendar upon simply tapping on the current date.

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Have you ever experienced a situation, where you are in a new place and want to offer a prayer but don’t know the Qibla/Kabla direction. Darussalam Publishers has the answer to this problem. As Muslims pray five times a day. To offer prayers you have to face towards the Kaaba/Qibla/Mecca. To find the right direction of Qibla we present to you Qibla Compass-Find Qibla Direction Application. This Islamic direction finder tool will tell you the right direction of Kaaba during your travel. This application will show you the right praying direction through GPRS and without GPRS by using manual input of your location. Through this compass one can find and also guide others to offer prayer towards the right direction.*****Features***** ► Compass. ► Qibla direction. ► Through GPS. ► Set your location manually, NO GPS. ► Can work offline. ► Beautiful graphics. ► Best Islamic tool.This Islamic Tool can help the Muslims to offer prayer in the direction of Kibla. This Islamic App can serve as companion along with our rest of other Islamic Apps. Do visit our website:

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